Rutgers Gardens

So Mark had a pretty awesome birthday.
T. Grimm had many enthusiastic fans that rock out real hard to get the night of rocking going. The also had the biggest light show I've ever seen in a basement. The band sported quite the array of dirty, choppy hair styles and tight pants. Boy were some of those pants tight. Plus 1 to them for their van. The dance sign is a sight to be seen. Its like the short bus or ice cream truck fold out STOP sign but it says dance instead.
Then we played. The set had some tuning issues but rocked none-the-less. It was also very, very fast. Marissa needs to lay off the coffee. = ) Highlight of the night - Everyone sang the "whoa-o" in the break down of Jonah. Sickest thing ever. I hope to god that that is the start of a tradition. I love that part of the song and Marissa doesn't sing it. It sounds better with you all singing it anyway. Do it again, please.
The Vibration played for like 10 mins. It was a fun set. The drummer, Alice, used some of my stuff and didn't destroy it. That was a relief.
Then the Rogers Sisters played. Wow. Awesome. They rocked the house even though they obviously didn't want to be there. Guess a New Brunswick basement show at a house in a botanical garden in the middle of nowhere isn't their thing. To each his own. I picked up their new album The Invisible Deck, which I am enjoying right now.

New website up Wednesday? Maybe. It is worth the wait.


bujak said...

The breakdown in "Angelo's Song" wasn't the only time people were singing, though perhaps the most interesting. I was positioned near the stair-well which made me face the audience in the same way the band did, so I got to look at what everyone was doing. Outside of Derek's drunken slow-dancing, I saw many moments when people's mouths were moving in the same way as Marissa's.

nicholass said...

uh, i meant "Jonah."

ah, yeah.

Anonymous said...

glad Allison didnt break any of your drums and you had a blast. not every show can be opening for the Hives.