The Assisstant Principal recordings went very well, if for nothing else besides that we managed to keep on schedule. They are basicly done. Just need to add some handclaps, EQ, mix and maybe redo a few bass parts. They are currently considering how they will release it but keep your hears open for it, hopefully, in the near future.
Met up with Paul Mahajan. He is a really cool guy and we are excited to work with him.
Back in school today. Ugh. Free time is becoming harder and harder to find. Brower work, band stuff, school work, class, physical therapy, farm stuff, and other random daily requirements are a lot to handle. I can't wait for the day when I get to quit everything but the music. There is a day when you finally leave it all and just become a musician. That is going to be a sweet day.
The website reworking is almost done I hear which means you will be able to see pictures of us, videos, and maybe even be able to buy SFs merch online.
Everyone should go to Marissa's Albus Cavus opening on Friday. Check out http://www.albuscav.us for more info.


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