Young Man's Brain Melts

Hunchback just melted my brain. If you don't know who they are check it out at thehunchback.net. Horror-surf-noise. The Ergs! also played and were tight ass hell as always. Love hearing those guys play. Seem like they are always having a blast. Picked up Hunchback's new disc "ugly on the outside." Haven't gotten the chance to listen to the whole thing but it sounds awesome so far. Sonicly the representation reminds me a lot of "Baby Teeth." Sounds like they put some time into it but things are still mixed a bit strange (strange in a GOOD way). Sounds as though we aren't the only ones tired of every album having the same production sound. I think the coolest thing about these bands is the fact that the are so into each other but don't sound all that much alike. There are so few bands that can get up there and just rock it. Both of them can. I think that is what draws them to each other. I think they will be able to hear that in us too.

Speaking of... Handed out some demos and flyers to Hunchback and The Ergs. Couple of them said they had heard good things about us and Mike Erg said he was probably coming to the album release. Rock. Been waiting to be able to play for some of those peoples.

There were some interesting characters at the show. Favs included the two jerks who had to take the slam dancing a touch too far. Why is their always that guy? Everybody loves crashing into each other and then that guy comes barreling in ready to take out some knees. Anyway, these two would trash around until they had cleared the middle of the room of everyone but themselves. When this point was reached they would push and tackle each other until they were in an embrace and then slap each other on the ass. I wonder if they were each other's Valentines. Runners up for interesting people was the guy who didn't blink the whole time (let me tell you, thats creepy) and the dude with the really long dreads who tried to kind of hit on this little chick who walked away in disgust. Burn.

Cheeseman was on hand passing out comps with a bunch of worthwhile Bruns area bands. Everyone should check that out over at myspace.com/toiletmuthafuckinrock.

In honor of Valentine's Day I have gotten myself a crush. (I'm blushing).


Anonymous said...

okay, so the rail show was fan-fuckin'tastic and i wish miranda hunchback would run away with me to the mountains where we would build a little log cabin and she could play the drums while i drool on myself. i don't think she knows that i love her. and i don't see why we don't get hunchback to come play in OUR basement. why not? why not us? we have a nice basement. my fantasy show involves screamy femey, the howl, (those talented bastards never called tim back. they bailed on their gig at the parlor) the ergs, hunchback, plastic east, and that band that played 233 that one night, the roadside graves. (they're kind of mellow, they can open)wouldn't that be a night! mm-hmm! perhaps six bands is too many, but imagine the crowd! and the dancing! oh, jesus, now i've creamed my jeans. i have to go change my panties before class.
alos, i don't want to start a fuss, but i do believe i heard marissa FIRE you and king mike at the rail on tuesday. does this mean the band is breaking up? maybe you guys should fire her for a change. she's got a lot of nerve for one so petit. i bet i could bench-press her. and her hair.
and your posts don't really suck. that much. if they were a food, they'd be oatmeal. which is nourishing and chock full o' fiber! three cheers for regular bowel movements!
indigestibly yours,

post script:
i hope that i do not become too intoxicated on friday and cause a row.
at the show.

Screaming Females said...

I eat oatmeal every morning. You are what you eat, y'know? As for dream shows I am trying to put one together for April. Outdoor, one day, new brunswick rock and roll festival. Details to come (as long as a particular difficult chain of events isn't disrupted).