So anyone who is interested in a good bet should stick around after the party for Sat 18th at 3:00. Last night me, meredith, bukka, and jango developed an excellent bet. Jango says he can fill a nalgene with piss, we say he can't. So at 3:00 pm on Sat Jango has to try and fill his nalgene with pee. If he is able to do so then meredith, bukka, and myself must drink water from the bottle (not pee, we get one rinse and then must drink). If he can't do it jango must drink water from the bottle himself. Wikipedia says the bladder can hold that much water but I still don't think he can do it.


Anonymous said...

what the fuck is a nalgene

Screaming Females said...

The waterbottle company. Who are you? I wasn't aware that you could get the internet in some obscure cave (that you must be living in, if you don't know what a nalgene is).

Screaming Females said...