my first real post?

I wonder if marissa still wishes she went to NYU.

So I dont have school this whole week and I'm bored out of my fucking mind. I'm looking forward to saturday like whoa. I love playing music. It's probably the only thing I like doing. I've been listening to Nas all week and I think its time I get some new music. any suggestions?

I was looking at the cheesy emo/screamo bands from my school at myspace. It makes me sick that everyone likes that shit so much. I just dont understand the appeal. Alot of it sounds exactly the same. I mean theres a few bands who are good and somewhat original but what the fuck. ew.

uhhh....I guess thats it.

-Zaphrod Beeblebrocks

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Screaming Females said...

Marissa would have h8ed NYU. I wished that I had gone there for awhile but now I don't. NJ brewed the rock recipe in me.