Inside Beat, Anxiety, Farts, and Trash

So Jango's computer, from which I make most of these updates, has decided that it no longer wants to show when new comments are posted. And I was thinking that you all had stopped loving us. From now on I will posts from a computer that shows the new comments so that I may make smart ass remarks back. YAY!

So the inside beat fell through for this week. Next week maybe. Suck. Goddess of the photograph, Meredith, has saved the day somewhat by filling her photo stories section of IB with our ugly mugs. Should be awesome. Eternally grateful for all the image capturing work. Dith, I'll get you back some day.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with stress and anxiety cause I'm dying over here. Between women, band, school, and Brower I am just about to flip my shit. I would rather the solution not have to do with drugs or drugs (rx). At least I didn't bomb the exam this morning that I didn't really study for. I think I need to be getting more then 4-6 hours of sleep a night and actually partaking in some true human contact (ie not the internet).

Everyone should go fart in Marissa's room. She loves it and your time in there will help keep her company now that her roommate is gone. That and she already smells like farts anyway so it is a good place to release a stink.

TRASH BAR = ROCK Anyone who doesn't make it out will be missing out on a vital moment of history in what is to become the Screaming Females legacy. Be there, so you can say you were.


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