Here are some pictures from Berlin, Veinna, somewhere is Slovakia, and Krakow.

Points of interests:

1. Jarrett became ravenously hungry and consequently had to eat a snickers bar for nourishment. Here is photographic proof as humankind will probably never see this again.

2. It was over 30 degrees Celsius in Poland and Vienna (that's like, really hot, too hot) so remember to promote Global Cooling (conserve energy + h20, plant flowers, vegetables and trees, use AC sparingly)!

3. Tampons in Europe are really cheap.

4. The new road that has been paved from Warsaw to Berlin is as smooth as a babies butt.

5. It rained like the dickens in Slovakia and it was scary.

6. It wasn't as scary as the plane ride home.

7. You might think that the Ramones Museum in Berlin isn't cool, but you're wrong.

8. The radio in our rental car was racist.


Ekins said...

Lol, butt home...

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun trip! Can u guys please come play Toronto?