Dear Diary,

Last weekend the best thing happened. Look:

YES, it's THE Shirley Manson from GARBAGE.

When I was fourteen, Garbage was my favorite alternative rock band!!!
This is me when I was fourteen(ish):

I'M SO GRUNGE!!! I couldn't have done it without Garbage. Now that I've got Shirley on my side, maybe she can force Billy Corgan to tweet at me. I LOVE THE INTERNET!!!!

I leave you all with my favorite Garbage single (if I were forced to choose!):

Marissa P.


Jamin said...

hahahaahhaha :)

Hypermusic44 said...

ha thats awesome yay for you Marissa :)

Stiff Shots Photography said...
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Frances Cody Pancake, III said...

Homies, when are you going to come back to my state? Or to Oregon? I will find you.

-Alex R. Delp

djbrawker said...

Excellent post! I bet folks are picking up guitars right now because of your influence. When they are in a cool band some 15 years from now, try to let them know publicly that they rock. I'm sure it will make their day or life, just like Shirley did for you.

AdamM said...

And now you're touring with them! So badass.