Fun Fact

Fun fact: Marissa P. from Screaming Females really likes framed glossy photographs of Stuffed Bears Doing Things. Here is a sneak peak into her (my) private collection:
(P.S. - Sorry in advance that my photography skills are seriously lacking, I ought to hire a professional to photograph these masterpieces)

My first acquisition: "Jogging Bear". A real classic, a beauty. I've seen this one replicated on a smaller scale.

"Bernice Burning Calories"
I think I got this one earlier this year. Can't remember when or how much money I paid for it. Some curmudgeons might say I spent too much, but I think it's priceless.

Bernice and Jarrett. Quality time.

My personal favorite, "Baby Power Bear". This little rascal got loose in the bathroom and anarchy reigned supreme. What a crazy little twerp.

"Bear Popcorn"
This little furball made a bit too much popcorn and has seemingly lost control of his snack food. I love him.

"Bear Ice Cream"
Someone is going to have a tummy-ache later. Seriously.

So concludes my fun fact blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to contact me if you come across any framed glossy (or matte) photographs of Stuffed Bears Doing Things. Money is not an object.

Marissa Paternoster


Anonymous said...

Marissa, I'm at work (State Theatre) right now, hanging with Susan, and this post made me L0L. I have a jigsaw puzzle of stuffed bears getting married. It's not nearly as great as these photos, but let's work on it together...while we eat ice cream cake.


e train said...

wait what
bear pasta !!!

Anonymous said...

oh god i thought you were joking until i scrolled down. well played paternoster, well played.

Amy said...

Haha! I imagine walking into the break-room of my work and seeing "Bear Popcorn" having a problem.

Lillyan said...


Anonymous said...

I wish I could find stuff like this lingering around shops/thrift stores. Quite the collection you got here