As a couple of you may know, my pal Lenny and I (I'm Marissa, by the way) organized a New Jersey based artist collective we affectionately dubbed "Doodle Drag". Doodle Drag members get together every now and again in any old space and make goofy drawings together for fun. Doodle Drag was not born to make revolutionary work, but to encourage absolutely everyone to draw for the hell of it, as it has brought so much joy to our lives. So here is your chance to get involved in our very first open call for work! Check it out!
On Wednesday, March 30th the rock’n’roll band Screaming Females plan to play a cool rock show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. Since Screaming Females would like to provide their audience with an immersive experience (LOL) we humbly request your artistic assistance.

We would like YOU to take a listen to “Lights Out” and then visually illustrate the song with your drawings, photos, collage, etc, (but we love drawing.) Be creative! You may illustrate the song however you see fit - create a narrative, create abstractions, or interpret the lyrics literally. Surprise us and most of all have fun with it! We ask that you provide us with a maximum of five drawings.

After submitting the images, they will be compiled into a slide show that will be projected behind Screaming Females during their set at the Maxwell’s show, and it will be super cool.

a couple of requirements:
- provide us with your full name and tell us where you are from so we can credit you!

- Send us high-res images of your drawings, photos, whatevers. If you don't have a scanner and need to use snail mail - that's okay too - let us know what you're plans for submission are.

- For the lyrics to "Lights Out" and a live video, check out this LINK!

- Send your submissions & questions to doodledrag@gmail.com

- Be awesome.

DEADLINE: March 18th, 2011


jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjon said...

I'm definitely doing this. Light Out isn't you most "visually stimulating" song, but I'll definitely have fun with this. Can I use paint? I'll try to doodle with pen or marker, but paint's better for me when I'm painting to the music.

Screaming Females said...

Feel free to create images in whatever way you want to!