Castle Talk Tour Stats

Castle Talk Tour 2010
Dates: Aug 13, 2010 - Nov 28. 2010
Total Number of Days: 108
Total Number of Shows: 88
Shows in New Brunswick, NJ: 0
Number of States Played: 31 (+DC)
Number of Countries Played: 16
Number of Fests/Festivals: 6
Fests with the Word 'Fuck' in the Name: 2
Fests with the Word 'Awesome' in the Name: 2
Number of Vans Driven: 4
Number Van Break Downs: 2
Number of Shows Missed: 0
Number of Shows Opening for New Jersey Artists: 8 (Ted Leo and Rx, Titus Andronicus, Yo La Tengo)
Number of Bactrian Camels sighted on the side of the Road in UK: 1
Number of Times I actually Thought I Was going to Die in the Van: 2 (both in Norway)
City Played Most Times: NYC (5)
Most Days Off In A Row: 9 (Oct 1 - Oct 9)

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Kevin said...

Thanks! Have a great holiday season!! See ya in 2011.
Kevin - Detroit