Tour Poster and live vid!

Castle Talk Release/ No U-Haul Tour Summer-Fall 2010

Appleton, WI; SLC, UT; and Portland, OR are still TBA but we will hopefully have all that info this week!

Is that video out of sync for everybody else too?!



Anonymous said...

very outta sync, forsure.

Anonymous said...

I love the cigar box guitar. :)

H.B. said...

who drew that poster? it looks like Marissa's breasts are crying.

radioflyer said...

hi screaming females,

i was on my way to your show at death by audio when i tripped on the sidewalk. i tore my right knee to shreds and broke my right wrist. got a few massive scrapes and bruises as well. i tried to make it to the show and walked two of the remaining three blocks to get there, but then realized i needed to go the emergency room. things at the e.r. were moving right quickly and i thought i might get out in time to catch your set but when they found the break in my arm bone (radius!), i had to wait for an hour or so on their orthopedic specialist and then it was too late.

i am telling you this story because i think you should come back to new york and sign my cast.

radio flyer