My school uniform

I wrote something for this website called IMPOSE. It's kinda about my dress.

read it here:


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Bob said...

The first time I went to see Screaming Females, at Maxwell's last year, I saw Marissa wandering the crowd before the show. I said "that must be Marissa" from website photos. She was in jeans and hoodie. Then she took the stage with the red (with epaulets) dress (or as someone once posted: "Rissa's red dress, I am not afraid"). It was as if the dress gave her the power to be the Screaming Female. Everyone needs a uniform to do the things they find hard to do, to become the persona they want to be for then.

Kevin Maloney from Ann Arbor said...

Hey Marissa - Boy can I relate to that story. I'm sure my uniform psychosis was less traumatic. But, I went to the same type of school and had the navy blue trousers, powder blue shirt, and navy tie to match for my first 8 years of school. Granted most of the guys were less concerned with our appearance than the ladies, and it had it's good points and bad. I think it was 4th or 5th grade after a snowball fight on our lunch hour that the good sisters made us "march" up to 8th grade class and find a girls winter coat to wear while our pants dried on the heating register in the classroom. We suffered the indignity of wearing those "skirts' much to the amusement of our classmates. I think I made it out without too much emotional baggage, but it was certainly a trip. Looking forward to the new record and seeing you guys in Detroit. Kind regards, Your buddy from Ann Arbor, Kevin

Anonymous said...

dear marissa, i hope you know that you are beautiful. i sure think so