Maxwell's NJ Tour Kick Off

Just thought I would share the link to tickets for Maxwell's


Just like the flyer says this will be the first place to buy our new record Castle Talk. So get psyched dammit!

Also I would like to share a piece of advice. I've lived in communal houses and apartments for years now. This is a nugget of wisdom that I think everyone can somehow institute into their lives.

You can get 90% of the work done in 10% of the time.

This mainly has to do with cleaning things but I feel like it applies to so many areas of my life. Here is the example from today. Our shower was leaking into the downstairs apartment. So some guys came over to repair it and left a muddy mess in the bathtub. At first I think, "Damn, I need to clean that up." But once I realize that the tiled walls could use a good scrub and the same goes for the sink, floor, and toilet the job seems to become to large to bother with. I start to think, "I should probably block out an hour to clean this bathroom later today or tomorrow." I know all too well that once I begin to work under the assumption that I will clean it later that it becomes very unlikely that I will ever get to it. So instead of worrying about getting out the cleaning sprays and the scrub brush I just grabbed a sponge and went to work. It took me 5 minutes to wipe down the tub, sink, and toilet. Hey, I know it still needs a good scrub one of these days but for now it looks 90% better and it only took me 5 minutes. Next time we will talk about rinsing your dishes so that stuff doesn't dry to them making it impossible to clean them later.



Louis Ramos said...

I've been working under the assumption that I'm going to scrub the mold off our bathroom walls for about a year now...still assuming....

Michael said...

I'm psyched dammit!!!!! Do you know of Cory Chisel? If your record of the decade was Sea Change, you may like him too. Certainly, that Beck record falls into a category of some of the best music heard in quite some time, but you may dig it. I was talking to him about your band, he's heard of you and heard your music. He was hoping to see you guys but your paths never crossed. I'm seeing him tomorrow, if I see him I'll mention to him that you're touring now.

Anonymous said...

fuck the dishes thing

just wash em when yr done
its not hard and takes almost no time at all

... just sayin

Screaming Females said...

Hey Anonymous,

I'm totally with you! I've been spreading the gospel of wash your dishes immediately for many years. But in the real world that shit doesn't always happen. In my lifetime I've washed at least 4x the number of dishes that I've actually dirtied. Whatever. No big deal. Someone has to wash the dishes. Now what really pisses me off is when people don't even have the decency to rinse a dish or put a little water in a dirty pot. Tomato sauce is the worst. Spray that crap with water for 10 seconds and then leave your dish. At least then it will only take me a second while I'm washing your dishes instead of scrubbing FOREVER!

delia said...

you all the best house guest. your ethics seep into everything you do.

Anonymous said...

i really thought this advice was gonna be about using an auto-timer sprinkler for the house watering.