Spring Tour 2010

Hey Everybody!!!

So psyched to head out on tour tomorrow! It will be our first cross country trip in over a year.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! I know everybody out there has a blog and a twitter and a facebook, etc. Please RE-blog, RE-tweet and put a link to these tour dates in your facebooks. Post it up on your favorite message board. We don't have any new releases to celebrate on this tour. We are just coming to play because there are a lot of towns we haven't gotten to visit in a while and we want to come see all your pretty faces. So PLEASE post these dates or a link to these dates everywhere you can. It would mean a lot to us!

May 18 Modern Formations Gallery Pittsburgh, PA
May 19 The Summit Columbus, OH
May 20 Majestic Cafe Detroit, MI
May 21 Greek's Pizza Bloomington, IN
May 22 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL
May 23 Ski House Carbondale, IL
May 24 Huckelberry's Pizza Rock Island, IL
May 25 7th St Entry Minneapolis, MN
May 26 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA
May 27 Replay Lounge Lawrence, KS
May 29 Hi Dive Denver, CO
May 30 Visual Arts Collective Boise, ID
Jun 1 The Funhouse Seattle, WA
Jun 2 Backspace Portland, OR
Jun 3 Thee Parkside San Francisco, CA
Jun 4 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco, CA
Jun 5 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA
Jun 6 TBA All Ages Los Angeles, CA
Jun 7 Che Cafe San Diego, CA
Jun 8 The Trunk Space Phoenix, AZ
Jun 10 Emo's Austin, TX
Jun 11 Big Magic Fest @ ACAC Little Rock, AR
Jun 12 Rocketown Nashville, TN
Jun 12 The End Nashville, TN
Jun 13 Secret Squirrel Athens, GA
Jun 14 Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC
Jun 18 Daniel Street Club* Milford, CT
Jun 19 SPACE Gallery* Portland, ME
Jun 20 Higher Ground* S Burlington, VT
Jun 21 Le Cerde* Quebec City, QC
Jun 22 Il Motore* Montreal, QC
Jun 24 Zaphod Beeblebrox* Ottawa, ON
Jun 26 Lee's Palace* Toronto, ON
Jun 27 Mohawk Place* Buffalo, NY
* = w/ Ted Leo and The Pharmacists



compatibility said...

Perhaps you should consider Europe also.Some people are really waiting for you....

Sam Cooler said...


Somehow the Columbus show wasn't added to Last.fm, so I missed it.

That was the one thing I have to look forward to in life. And I had a whole group of people who want to see you guys live.

Hopefully you'll be back again next year, but this is a bummer.

Fag said...
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Anonymous said...

I can't believe i missed you beautiful lovemonsters in SF! You need to turn around and come back... pretty please <3 I hope the tour has been off the wall amazing <3