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In giddy anticipation of an inevitable Sleater-Kinney reunion (don't you think Screaming Females should open??) I present you, our adoring blog-audience, with an absolutely stunning rendition of the classic "Dig me Out" funneled through YouTube.

The joy I feel right now is immeasurable.



Bob said...

Though this would be a dream come true for me to see them together again,I don't think it will happen, despite my dreams that it would. I think there was such a disparity beteween what Carrie and Corin wanted that I don't think they will be together again. My hope is that Corin's new album will carry on the spirit of what Excuse 17 and H2B and S-K were about. Janet may be greatest drummer ever (with S-K) but I don't think we'll hear her be so good again with any other band. Don't tease me thinking that they will someday do Dig Me Out again. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! They were so good I miss them so much.

Kelly said...

That would be amazing. We can only hope.

Bob said...

Oh, if it did happen, definitely SF should open. Who else? A revived Bikini Kill maybe?

kathryn said...

@ bob, carrie announced recently that "within the next five years" they will hopefully be recording and touring. honestly, if SK ever toured again (ESPECIALLY w/ screamales) it would absolutely rule. holy shit, i get excited just at the prospect of it. but here's the link to carrie's own words, check it out:



SuPeRg2013 said...

holy shit if you guys toured with SK that would be fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, so amazing it's worth 13 exclamation points) :D

Anonymous said...

Can we open for you opening for SK? Ok thanx xox