All Ages LA!


People have been asking about this one! It's going to be rad. Can't wait.

Just Added!!!
6/6 Echo Curio (all ages) Los Angeles, CA w/ Stoned At Heart (mem Underground Railroad To Candyland, Toys That Kill)

We are also playing the night before 6/5 @ Spaceland. Get tickets here - http://www.clubspaceland.com/?m=20100605&cat=2



Anonymous said...

Great show at Spaceland. Sorry that the crowd was such a giant dick. I was there, and I am a serious fan of you guys. I wanted to mash, but I was surrounded by the endless lameness emulating from the people there.

josh said...

You rocked so hard at the Echo Curio in LA. Sorry you couldn't play longer. Next day I played the singles cd back to back like 10 times on full volume.