Hey Everybody! You might have noticed that we have been posting dates for a national tour in May/ June. It will be our first cross country trip in a year and we are psyched. Does anyone have the hookup for shows in Idaho? We will play whatever you can get together for us! Date is May 31. Get in touch if you run shows, know local bands, have any leads, etc - screamingfemales@gmail.com


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RAH said...

Hey, I'm a friend of Lenny and Jamie's in Korea but I used to live in Idaho. YOu should try to play at the Neurolux and I can give you the owner's email. Or you could also play at the VAC(visual arts collective) which is just out of the center of town. Either venue is really good. If you need a place to stay I think that I could give you some people to talk to as well. If you still need some help just email me rachelhays@gmail.com. Love your stuff.