Larry Livermore on Don Giovanni Records

Just ran across this awesome article on Don Giovanni Records, the Bowery Ballroom Showcase, and us (among other things). The article is by Larry Livermore who founded Lookout! Records which put out classic albums by Operation Ivy, Green Day, Screeching Weasel, The Queers, and many others. I try to only post articles on here that I think are worth your time not just everything that mentions the name Screaming Females. I think this one is definitely worth your time!

"In my experience the music industry is composed of one of the biggest collection of whiners, scapegoaters, thin-skinned, blame artists, and socially and emotionally dysfunctional megalomaniacs that you’re likely to find anywhere outside of a Sarah Palin-hosted teabaggers’ convention.

That being so, it’s always a pleasure to encounter one of the rare individuals, bands or labels who actually enjoy what they’re doing, do it well, and get on with task of making and/or distributing music without burdening the rest of us with angst-ridden commentaries about how “difficult” it is in today’s changing environment (as if there was a time when it always stayed the same). One such individual (and label, since he’s the sole proprietor) is Joe Steinhardt; the label is New Jersey’s Don Giovanni Records, and in what seems like almost no time at all he’s taken DGR from a tiny, completely unheard of hobby label to being, well, still kind of unheard of outside certain knowledgeable circles, but nonetheless a thriving and fast-growing concern."

Read the rest of it HERE - http://larrylivermore.com/?p=941

Larry's going to be @ the DG Showcase and you should too - tickets - http://www.ticketmaster.com/Don-Giovanni-Records-WShellshag-Forgetters-Screaming-Females-tickets/artist/1389739


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