I Do download!

Hey y'all.

We just played a super rocking show with Natural Child and Campo-Formio at Meat Town. All our shit kept getting knocked over while we were playing. I hope people still had fun. When that happens I wondering if the whole thing just sounds like a fart and if everyone just understands that it is a wild basement show which means we aren't going to sound like we do on a stage. Anyway, check out those bands because they rule.

The Gimme Tinnitus blog has put up a download for 'I Do.' So go download it and then upload it onto your Ipods. That way you can rock a new Screamales tune while running on the treadmill at the gym because I know that you all spend a lot of time on treadmills.


Till next time!


Joe Steinhardt said...

all jokes aside, this song has been on my treadmill at the gym playlist for the last few months

Anonymous said...

DUDE!!! i totally have run on the treadmill listening to your music! hahaha that i s t i g h t ! ! ! !