Singles Collection - Feb 2010

Out 2/9/10 on Don Giovanni Records

We will be releasing this CD at this show. Don Giovanni Records Showcase 2010.

Then heading out on this tour with the best band in the world JEFF the brotherhood!
Sat Feb 6 - Bowery Ballroom - Don Giovanni Showcase - NYC
Sun Feb 7 - Washington, DC
Mon Feb 8 - Asheville, NC
Tue Feb 9 - Athens, GA
Wed Feb 10 - Gainesville, FL
Thu Feb 11 - Tallahassee, FL
Fri Feb 12 - New Orleans, LA
Sat Feb 13 - Houston, TX
Sun Feb 14 - Austin, TX
Mon Feb 15 - Dallas, TX
Tue Feb 16 - Memphis, TN
Wed Feb 17 - Nashville, TN
Thu Feb 18 - Birmingham, AL
Fri Feb 19 - Atlanta, GA
Sat Feb 20 - Durham, NC
Sun Feb 21 - Baltimore, MD
Mon Feb 22 - Philadelphia, PA

Thanks! Love ya!

Photo by Eddie Austin - Check his blog! - http://eddiegotascanner.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Sweeeeeeet! Can't wait!

KW HQ said...

Babes, is this coming out on vinyl?

Screaming Females said...

CD only! Since it is only 7 songs we wanted to keep it cheap for the people. So the CD should only be $5 or $6. Also, all the songs come from vinyl only releases so we kind of wanted to keep those special! And, KW, RIP Cheeky!!!!!

Anonymous said...

sweet! when will tickets be available to buy?

Jason C. said...

What a stacked show! Should be interesting.

Rip Slagcheek said...

Athens and Atlanta! Awesome! Accidental alliteration!

Anonymous said...

what about pittsburgh?? cmon...

Anonymous said...

ah, bowery isn't all ages? whatever, i'm gonna just go by myself! fuck my underage friends

Screaming Females said...

From what I'm told the Bowery Ballroom show is going to be 16+ or all ages with a parent/ guardian. The website has it listed as 18+ right now but I'm told that is wrong. We will see what happens!

Anonymous said...

parent or guardian? ha, i will never understand why every show isn't all ages. but hopefully it will change, a ton of my friends are looking forward to this as much as i am. thanks for the info jarret!

Anonymous said...

what is the asheville, nc venue?

J.R. said...

You guys coming anywhere near Minnesota anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

does anyone have any information on if it's 18+ or not? Or if we will find out for sure in the upcoming months before the show?

passenger zephyr said...

whats the venue for dc or baltimore?? cant wait just trying to get tickets!!

passenger zephyr said...

dc show is at the black cat!!! should have known.

Kelly said...

What's the venue for N.O.?

Anonymous said...

Can you please post the lyrics for the singles collection?