New Years

Hey Everybody!

Come celebrate New Years with a rock show. I'm glad we get to be over with this decade. You want to know my favorite album of the last ten years?

Do you remember where you were at the end of the last decade? Were you partying like it was 1999? I was at a sleep-over completely sober! So come to our New Years rock show so you will remember where you were when this decade ended.

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Anonymous said...

that makes no sense
how will i remember the new year if im gonna be wasted on pbrs watching the screamales
i cant wait regardless
youre the man jarrett

Anonymous said...

I was 8 years old and trying my hardest to stay awake all the way til midnight. And even though I can't legally be there NYE, I will be sure to blast you guys at midnight so loud that everyone's face will melt.