2009 top 20

hi I'm michael
looking back, 2009 was alot better than I ever expected

1. Songs for Moms- I Used to Believe in the West
2. Stupid Party- s/t
3. Jeff the Brotherhood- Heavy Days
4. The Thermals- Now We Can See
5. Bad Blood Revival- Tongue Twisting Tunes for Tiny Tots
6. Dinosaur Jr.- Farm
7. Cheeky- What the Heck
8. Pissed Jeans- King of Jeans
9. Cheap Girls- My Roaring 20's
10. Jay Reatard- Watch Me Fall
11. ANS- Pressure Cracks
12. Batrider- Why We Can't Be Together
13. Batrider- Bag Wine Forever
14. King Tuff- Was Dead
15. Arctic Monkeys- Humbug
16. Ex-Wife- Everything Was Beautiful
17. Lighten Up- Absolutely Not
18. Super Furry Animals- Dark Days Light Years
19. Kreamy 'Lectric Santa- Operation Spacetime Cinderblock
20. Delay- Plain Language


Anonymous said...

yes. cheeky, dino jr, jeff, stupid party! even jay. i saw him open for the pixies, he puts on a great show

Anonymous said...

my highlight of 2009: 3 guitar SLAW lineup...

Michael said...

i guess maybe that king tuff album came out in 2008 but i dont really have the slightest clue.

Robert said...


Anonymous said...

Double Dagger

Anonymous said...

i'm curious about marissa's top albums now

chris said...

the thermals album is great, it also gets bonus points for having a song featured on an episode of Degrassi.

k said...

the batrider records are so so so good. i'm pumped they were mentioned.