So I have been letting all this settle over the last few days before I tried to put it in words. I'm a little drunk right now which probably isn't the best time to try to say something you mean but if Shane MacGowan can write and sing those songs while wasted I think I can handle a blog.
1. Anyone who wants to talk smack on us playing MTV is ridiculous. MTV has become a home to the most watered down commercial BS. To pass up a chance to have a real band play even one song on that station would be a crime. MTV should be playing Bad Blood and Songs for Moms and Prizzy Prizzy Please and all the rest. If even one person saw that performance and it changed their relation of music to the self (to themselves) then it was totally worth it. If even one person saw that and thought, "I never thought I could just pick up an instrument and play from my heart without all the BS" then it was worth it.
2. Alexa Chung rules. She personally got us on that show. Her producers and assistants and everyone else at that station couldn't have given a shit about us. She saw us play and demanded that we be on that show. That takes guts.
3. The two women that were on the show doing the make-over section were not only annoying they were personally extremely offensive. Purely for the sake of promoting their show they were sexually harassing every female in sight. Without consent they grabbed multiple women's chest and Alexa's crotch. Personal boundaries are incredibly important. That was sexual harassment. Taking advantage of people in that way purely to promote your upcoming TV show (as they did) is gross. We were supposed to have an interview following our performance (which got cut because they ran too long). I was planning to take a moment on national TV to state that I do not consider sexual harassment entertaining or reasonable. I am saddened that we had to perform on the same program as those women.



Anonymous said...

I can only leave a drunken 'right on' comment out of order:

3) Those women were way over the line when they commented negatively on womens' body types, bricks, etc., and then grabbed the host's crotch. I'm sorry, even if that's OK with Alexa, and it may be, don't do it to girls picked from the audience. Bad Bad form.

1) Are people really talking smack about doing MTV? I realize people now have the internet and other ways of finding new music, but when I was first getting into bands in the suburbs we had to go to '120 minutes' on Sundays on MTV, or local college/HS radio if we were *lucky*, then local CD/record stores. (I'm so old zines came after my time.) Alexa is attracting a receptive audience. If she can get eyeballs to great music like *YOU*, and others, by all fucking means play the show, make the show relevant, and turn kids out there into some cool shit. I mean, some corn husker just had his mind blown. That's worth an hours labor,even if 98% of his neighbors don't get it!! Hipsters in Brooklyn and NJ might not know it, but for some young kids, MTV is still a way to hear about new bands. [Sorry, I know this is painful and alarming to hear.]

2. Alexa is the only good thing to happen to MTV in 15+ years. I respect Pinfield's knowledge of music (if not his unselective taste), but the only last thing about MTV with value (above mentioned 120 minutes) peaked at about 1992. The real world alone was the sign of the apocalypse. Having said that, we can forgive much up to Pedro.

Really, bottom line is:

1) Kids are starting to watch this show.
2) Alexa wants to get them to see great music.
3) Screaming Females played and exposed the national audience to good shit.
4) DIY communal good++

Lenny said...

wow, no way you guys were great! although I only saw the performance online and not the entire show so can't comment on the crazy chicks.

But all in all you guys have managed to do so much on your own that this kind of exposure it's only well deserved. As a band you have integrity, talent, and opinions that are not going to be changed or even challenged by playing MTV. How many acts on that channel have these qualities really? And in the end, I think you will agree with this; you do things on your own terms. MTV or no MTV.

Also the sound was amazing, I have to see you guys play again. Hugs.

Rip Slagcheek said...

Anyone who has a problem with y'all taking that gig isn't worth your time anyway. Some peoples' shtick is to be unreasonable, so fuck it, sometimes you're just better off not reasoning with 'em.

I was futzing around on the Twitterspace right after the show, and there were some kids who you made a dent on that otherwise would've had no idea. And that is god damned cool.

flymordecai said...

you play mtv one week and a basement in new brunswick a couple weeks later, anyone who has something negative to say about it and can't see that you guys are great people with a lot of integrity is an asshole. if king mike marries ashley simpson then they might have a reason to talk shit.

Anonymous said...

screaming females suk. sexual harassment rules.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can say is "Congratulations". Seriously. Being a fan of you guys for the past year, I couldn't be happier to see you explode and actually get your music out there. I'm sure you changed someone's music outlook that day as you previously changed mine. And I think that's all a band can really ask for.

Anonymous said...

you guys still rule!
by the way, wanna play a cmj show?? lol, no seriously!


Anonymous said...

I still remember when I saw y'all in Richmond. When you all started playing, just about everyone's jaw dropped to the floor in amazement (mine included).

MTV might be a big, evil, and vacuous entity, but if some of the folks who watched the show who hadn't heard Screaming Females before felt the complete ebullience I felt upon discovering y'all's music, then you've done something great.

I can think of few bands more deserving of the expose and attention you've hopefully gotten from this. Haterz jump off.

kubiak said...

Congratulations for a great performance on a national stage. It is well deserved exposure for a fantastic band.

I admire that you stuck to your convictions too. Although I didn't see the people to whom you are referring, I'm happy that it didn't ruin your opportunity.

Bob said...

Congratulations! Good to see you do a song with multiple cameras going, so we can see what you're all doing. Glad you're getting some national exposure from it.

adam said...

fucking amazing. i hope some 13 year old's head exploded when Marissa screamed.

Anonymous said...

I really wish that I could have seen that show. Sorry that you guys had to deal with that, but thanks for mentioning all that occurred. Alexa has to be very cool if she got Screaming Females on there. Please come back to Seattle. I am fully recovered from the last time and my jaw has healed.