one foul swoop on the jaw of man
may pull apart his frame
in for the money
i'm suspect
to me it's just the same

you'll have me
with or without
until our ship floats away

golden tongues for more respect
and some quiet time
kiss the carpet
you're suspect


maybe the day
that she met mama
her tiny fingers framed
her face, in light
it was so flawless
that she was a ghost

ok, it's fine to hold her ransom
on her wedding day
deflowered, reviled
and tossed aside
it's useless anyway

i find your son dead in the alley
i find your friends decayed
i see sour grapes on the table
for all the guests to take

i'll run back home
in the old man's slippers
and take the widest route
so i can see the west and
what animals i should shoot

okay, i beat the beanbag open
the kids cried in their seats
parenting, it just seems to hopeless
with the way they look at me

the beast was born
he slithered out of his hole
i starve my pets
chained to a linked fence

i am forced to guard the mile
you are not my mother's child
history is at the door
they tell secrets in their sleep
you wake up and wet the sheets
my good friend is at the door

boys in big shoes
make authority look so cool
and you french the ground
on the other side of our town

relax my bones
put my nail on the gramophone
sounds of the week
are always so bittersweet


eighteen hours i tooled the worst
getting older could bounce back best
nothing could prepare you for this

since my blood was stolen
my heart has been dying

my bones are my teachers
but i have none
D.U. birth defects emit
and bombs
your young gas masked task force
stomp them out
my bones are my teachers
but i have none

love was made for all high school queens
and their faces angle in seams
you can watch it all on T.V.

my bones are my teachers
but i have none
if skin sheds i'm worthless
so hide your sons
my void is my person
a heart to home
visit and you'll find yourself alone


i have found a way
to steep myself under the ground
and all the million ways
you'd convince me to be found
but this ship is cast
my routine is in the can
we will paint this town
you will see how brave i am

i have found the sense
a haunted house
a starving dog
if you come back to me
then i will drag you along
and only you can breathe
in the center of the lake
will the summer girls
i will give
and you can take

office of the brave
i look into your eyes

let's not all forget about feeling
and frame it through the hole in your skull
let's not all forget about feeling
the big gun always forgets

lights out for sally at midnight
she doesn't listen when i say
ears to the ground eyes in the sky
she doesn't listen when i say

old men are awake and dreaming
young girls lip the sides of their graves
let's not all forget about feeling
the big gun always forgets

let's not all forget about feeling
i would love to forget about love
let's not all forget about feeling
the big gun always forgets.


you aimed right for the eyes
where your invitation dies
and i am subject to
and all your secret spies
you'll be the nexus in the dark
i'll be the spade that digs your grave
youth is bored
youth is short
youth is for the brave

i believe in evil

you whistle all the tunes
and you irrigate the wounds
you are a prisoner
best left unkempt
propped up alive
by fools
next to a black hole by the clock
where all information stops
youth is bored
youth is short
youth is for the brave

there is no wrong way to read this book
my darling
please come sit down by me
let's have a look
at scripture


forward on the right
when day turns into night
muscles flexed
your turn is next
join in the fight
baby, they're waitin' for you

i've had enough
this rolling laugh
no captions on the photograph
so i play on
if you're miserable
it's clear now
we never liked you anyhow
so i play on

when i die don't leave
i'll take it all with me
and if you need a nail to save
jump into my grave
baby, they're waitin' for you.


down by the corner
half back hotel
i spoke with murder
i spoke with hell
i pulled the peach pit
i stirred the way
how do you do it
the modern way?

halfway down the stairs is where i tend to sit
i coast the north and south chewing at the bit
i'm nursing on the bill
and scraping at the hide
everybody knows
that i lied

she had no pain
she saw the queen
zipped up his pants
what does it mean?
trouble at home
trouble abroad
a stuffy room
with no crowd at all


stretch your legs to fill the coffin
vacation in your clothes
casual friday
it's all a mess
when affairs are exposed

the curtains part
the shades are flesh
second hands turn to knives
you are buried in the nude

invitations in the face
they suffer for the bored
holy wars
dark lithium
when affairs are exposed

i bet you want it
these are the greatest times
oh i bet you need it to feed
i bet you need it to feed


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one's missing :(

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what? buried in the nude is missing half the lyrics! :(