Indigo Girls Blog?!

Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls blogged about us. I don't know whether to say OMG or WTF. Cait (our roadie) just called me a dork. That's the 3rd time in 2 days. One of the other ones is here (actually I can't find it but it took a whole paragraph to explain how Mike and I are totally nerds).

"Screaming Females - Well I didn't actually see them, but I YouTubed them on Emily's recommendation and wow, talk about guitar players, the woman fronting this band is killer. I ordered the CD the old school way, from Don Giovanni Records, and you probably should too." - Amy Ray

Read the rest of the music that Amy has been listening to here - http://www.indigogirls.com/correspondence/2009/2009-05-05-a.html


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