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We did the photo shoot for this thing in a $20 million penthouse apartment in Manhattan. Wild day. Holy typos! THe intro is below. Link to the whole thing.

FULL ARTICLE HERE - http://www.thetripwire.com/features/2009/03/03/on-the-cover-screaming-females/

On The Cover - Screaming Females

Interview by Derek Evers
Photos by Olivia Wright

“If I saw me, I’d say ‘Look at that lesbian shredding!’ But you know, I would automatically assume that any girl that shreds is a lesbian. I’m going to assume that Marnie Stern is a lesbian, and who else plays guitar? Yeah, they’re all lesbians.”

Marissa Paternoster stands at a stout 5’2” tall and assures me she’s only kidding about the sexuality of female guitar virtuosos, but if you were to judge Screaming Females only by what is written by them, you might find it hard to look past the fact that Marissa is indeed short and a lesbian who happens to absolutely rip on guitar.

“Well, they gotta write about something, right?” She concludes.

Indeed they do, because to many, a band like Screaming Females defies preconceived logic of how a band should be. Their brand of blues-inspired, guitar wankering punk rock has left many mouths agape at the ease by which they wield their self-branded “Queer disco on the moon, with pterodactyls and squid fighting satellite dishes.” Drawing comparisons to bands like Fugazi and The Stooges, to more obvious references like The Gits or Throwing Muses, it is a safe bet that Screaming Females will undoubtedly rise to notoriety on the heels of their enigmatic front woman. But from the interview to the photo shoot, it is plain to see this the notion of a band is strong within the females.

And if Paternoster is the musical focal point, then drummer Jarrett Dougherty is the managerial director. In an era where most band legacies are created on the internet and d.i.y. is as much a marketing slogan as it is a way of life, Screaming Females have not only self-released their own music, but have played over 300 shows throughout the US and Canada without the help of a booking agent or label promotion. It is also worth noting that Paternoster is 22, bassist Mike Rickenbacker is 21 and drummer Dougherty is the elder statesman at 25.

FULL ARTICLE HERE - http://www.thetripwire.com/features/2009/03/03/on-the-cover-screaming-females/

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