Muses Weekend


First of all. Buy the new Stupid Party album from Freedom School Records. Best album of 2009 (except maybe ours! j/k). BUY IT HERE - http://www.myspace.com/freedomschoolrecords

Brooklyn and Boston shows with Throwing Muses were amazing! They were really awesome to us and we are so glad they asked us to play. Here is some stuff to look at from those shows incase you missed them!

Photo by Bob Sanderson

More pictures from the BK show over here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/bsanderson/sets/72157615130988785/

Also a write up (w/ pics) on the Brooklyn show went up over at EARFARM.COM.
"I’ve always been a big fan of a really heartfelt, convincing, from-the-gut rock ‘n’ roll scream."
FULL ARTICLE HERE - http://earfarm.com/live-music/ef-was-there/2550

Last but not least! Sasha Frere-Jones, New Yorker pop critic, named Marissa a 'Guitar God' in the magazine's blog. The New Yorker accepted questions for their writers. Someone asked Frere-Jones this (and his response below it).

"Is the legend of the guitar god dead? Are there any young guitarists that will make an impact in 2009?
Enrique Cardenas
New York, New York

Frere-Jones: The last three “guitar heroes” I saw were women: Marnie Stern, Kaki King, and Marissa Paternoster of the the Screaming Females. And the only old-fashioned guitar solos coming to mind are on Chris Brown and Braid Paisley albums."

And he linked to the youtube documentary on us. Cool!
LINK TO FULL LIST OF FRERE-JONES NEW YORKER Q&A - http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/ask/2009/02/questions-for-frere-jones.html


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Jeb Banegas said...

That's incredible, I love the New Yorker. Congratulations guys!