Bell Video!!!


The Daily Swarm did an exclusive debut of the video for Bell, the first single off of Power Move, as part of their "Must See Videos of the Week." Biz R Lynch directed this wild ass video. We love her!

LINK TO DAILY SWARM MUST SEE VIDEOS - http://www.thedailyswarm.com/watch/watch-daily-swarms-must-see-videos-week/

POWER MOVE PRE-ORDERS!!!! - http://www.dongiovannirecords.com/store.html

POWER MOVE COMBO PRE-ORDERS - http://www.dongiovannirecords.com/storecombos.html


ynlynlynl said...

greatest video ever! you guys made my weekends <3<3 the big baby and NJ eating your heads up!

Frances said...

I LOVE THE VIDEO (and big baby)

Marissa looks nice. I bet Grandma P is pleased.

Love from down under,

StarBeatMusic said...

I can't view the video! Probably something to do with flash, which I can't figure out. *Sigh.

Jeb Banegas said...

That video is incredible! NJ eating people is one of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life

Anonymous said...

awesome video! had my laugh!