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My amazingly lovely roommate and sometimes Screaming Females roadie extraordinaire Ian McDeath has been regularly pulling in high 90s percentiles on his Spanish/ English translation class at Rutgers U. I'd think this adequately authorizes the following translation of a SF article from a Spanish blog. Here ya go!

LINK TO BLOG - http://kadeworld.typepad.com/kadeworld/2009/01/descubriendo-a-screaming-females.html

Discovering Screaming Females
I don't really know how I ended up listening to Screaming Females. Even though the punk (or post-punk or however you want to call it) that they play isn't really my favorite type of music, this New Jersey trio surprised me, in a good way.

There is actually only one female in the group, named Marissa Paternoster. Don't let her preadolescent appearance and 5 foot height fool you, this woman converts into a giant when she puts on her guitar and they stick a microphone in front of her. She screams as if she were going to throw up a lung with each verse. And she plays the guitar as if she had made a deal with the devil himself. Her solos are cult objects in the New York scene (including legends about blood stains on her guitar). And on top of all that she does the illustrations for their covers, t-shirts, and flyers. A real jewel.

Her catchy riffs are the group's identity. The rhythms are powerful, direct, and above all, honest. They have that charm of an imperfect sound, DIY ethic carried out to the fullest (Jarrett, the drummer also acts as the group's manager) that comes from musicians who enjoy the stage more than the studio.

They're planning to release their new record, Power Move, in April, which rises above their two previous albums. Everything points to a definite jump in quality. Unfortunately, I'm still unable to share music in MP3 files, which is why for now, you'll have to make do with samples of earlier work.

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Mr. Gumsandals said...

Found this on anothr blog about you guys: http://newseminole.blogspot.com/. Some skirt got Marissa in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Think you might ever make it down to Miami? Maybe Churchills?