Noun on the Pink Couch

Hey there!

Marissa stopped in to do a Pink Couch Session recently. If you haven't seen them, the Pink Couch Sessions on ifyoumakeit.com are really cool. Artists from the DIY punk world stop by to sit on a pink couch and are filmed playing acoustic. A lot of times there are bands that don't normally play unplugged. We decided a while ago that we are probably never going to play an acoustic show as Screaming Females but once or twice a year someone can manage to convince Marissa to play a solo set as Noun. Check it out. We put out a Noun cassette of Marissa's older solo stuff. It's like 55+ minutes of music. I really love the songs on it.

BUY NOUN CASSETTE - FORGOTTEN GRIN ~ http://www.screamingfemales.com/store.html

Noun - Holy Hell from If You Make It on Vimeo.

LINK TO PINK COUCH SESSIONS - http://www.ifyoumakeit.com/category/pink-couch-sessions/

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