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The For The Birds Collective recently released a live comp of a bunch of female fronted punk bands (most from the NY/NJ area). There are live versions of 'Boyfriend' and 'Bus Driver Man' on it. Also has tracks from Cheeky, Carnal Knowledge, Each Other's Mothers, Witches, and others. The CDs are only $3!
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Psychopedia.com put up an article today about how all the big bands to watch in 2009 have Girls or Women or Females, etc in their names. We made the list.

It's a She Thing Best Bands of 2009 - http://www.psychopedia.com/dailynews/2009/02/its_a_she_thingbest_bands_of_2.html

Here is our part. Link above this to the full deal.

Screaming Females
If Twitter and instant messaging are a gauge of critical hotness, Screaming Females take the cake. Straight outta New Brunswick, their three-piece party gigs are burning up the blogosphere-- or as a friend of ours simply texted at 3 AM last week-- "Screaming Females are THE SEX." Don't believe us? Get a hold of the slow burnin' single "Cortez the Killer" and see if you don't agree.

Have you ever gotten screamed at by a woman because of your name?
If someone has a reaction to our name it is usually just a laugh because only one of us is female. I try to point out that it isn't 'THE' Screaming Females. Each person in the band is not a Screaming Female. Screaming Females should be taken as an idea by itself. There are a lot of meanings it could have. I wish that people would first think about what the idea of the phrase 'Screaming Females' could mean before thinking about why a band made up of two males and one female would be called that. One time a girl did yell at me about the name but that was only after she yelled at me for wearing a fishing competition shirt that I had gotten for free at a clothes swap. She thought I was supporting killing fish. I was in fact supporting free clothes. Other than her no one has taken offense.

Who exactly is in your lineup?
Our line up has always been the same. Marissa on guitar and vocals. King Mike on bass. Jarrett on drums. Marissa is a female, the other two aren't.

Any cases of mistaken identity because of the gender issue?
While on tour gas station attendants have a tendency to call Marissa 'Sir' or 'Mister.' She always wonders how that happens considering she has breasts.

What's in store for Screaming Females in 2009?
We have our third full-length album, Power Move,coming out April 14 on Don Giovanni Records. We are headed out for a month-long US tour in April and May, which is shaping up really well. We are also going to be releasing a split 7 inch on Infinity Cat Records with JEFF the brotherhood sometime in the spring or summer.

In addition to that, we haven't had any sort of official release of the first single off of 'Power Move' but a little birdie told me that there are at least 3 websites were you can hear it already. Good luck finding them!


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