Spin Magazine!!!

Okay. So I remember this one time when I was young and I had to take a flight. I can't really remember if I was with my parents or if I was only but there is something I will always remember about that day. My dad had bought me my first Spin magazine. Peter Chris from Kiss was on the cover. It was when Kiss first came back with the original line-up and make-up and all that. I had a subscription to Spin for probably 8 years and I read each issue front to back, even if I was bored with it. I had to be up on the latest and as a kid growing up in Northern New Jersey this was as close as I could get to underground music. I haven't done more then flip through Spin for the past 4 or 5 years but I will always be thankful to that magazine for the information they bestowed upon me each month for a decade.

I just got an email letting us know we are in the new issue. Feb 2009 w/ Lily Allen on the cover. It hasn't hit stands yet, just gone out to subscribers (I always loved getting a few weeks head start because of my subscription).

"Songs You Must Hear Now"

Screaming Females "Boyfriend"
sure, the gender-blurred post-punk spew is bracing, but it's singer-guitarist Marissa P's strangled guitar that's got shit to say.


mandy b. said...

holy fuck. thats crazy, yo.

ynlynlynl said...

ah sweet press!