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An issue of Razorcake appeared on my stoop yesterday - I don't know how or why Razorcake received my address, but uh, there was a review in it...

FULL OF FANCY/SCREAMING FEMALES 7" Full of Fancy: Two songs. "Gym class" sounds like pitch-perfect Unloveables-style pop punk mixed with a bit of Measure {SA} (it makes perfect NJ/NYC geographic sense) "Notebook" sounds like Soviettes meets Mo Tucker singing the songs of the Velvet Underground, where it's openly existential ("can't judge a heart by its lover") while moving right ahead to its intended target. Fun for both the brain and the feet. Screaming Females: This band shares Miranda with Full of Fancy. Miranda was in the dearly departed Hunchback and her talents trace nicely onto and flesh out a new skull of music. I'm amazed at how, when she's involved, that weirdness sounds so fun, so accessible, but it's still weird. Like fun relatives who aren't dangerous, but you're never quite sure what their next present to you in going to be. - Todd

...So it's kinda inaccurate, Miranda is NOT in fact in our band, but I love her just the same. Is this a common misconception?

Also, I found my really-super-old notebook. Kewwwl.


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