Throwing 50FOOT Females


So for all of you who have at some point complained about one or all of the following:

a. I can never actually see you guys because you always play basements.

b. I can never really hear you guys because the PAs always suck.

c. All ages punk rock shows are cool and all but I feel weird about being older then 23 and being at that kind of show.

d. Its so exclusive of you to play shows that don't post the addresses.

e. Why don't you ever play on really big stages, with big sound systems, at big venues with 80s/90s indie rock icons?

Have we got the shows for you!

We are playing three shows with Throwing Muses! Crazy. Kristin Hersh personally wanted to tow our stinky butts around for a few days. The ticket prices are kind of expensive (like $20!) but I guess thats what it costs to pay out the venues and agents and bands and whoever else. But really it would be pretty fucking cool to see some people there to actually see us. So if you are a, b, c, d, or e you should be there. On the other hand if you like basements because its a community setting, its more important for you to have a vibe than perfect sound, you don't give a shit about age because you can be punk rock for life, you understand that keeping addresses off the internet keeps the police out of the way, and you don't like stages, large PA systems, 'real' venues, and think there should be no icon worship, then check out our other shows.

All shows with Throwing Muses and 50FOOTWAVE

March 10 - World Live Cafe - all ages - Philly, PA
March 12 - Music Hall of Williamsburg - 18+ - Brooklyn, NY
March 14 - MIddle East - 18+ - Cambridge, MA

Our myspace has more info! - www.myspace.com/screamingfemales


PS - Some people have told me that this entry sounded either mad or cynical. It wasn't intended to be either. All I was trying to do was show a variety of opinion on the types of shows we tend to play. I was also trying to do this in a slightly humorous fashion. So if you read into this for more then it actually says, its probably in your own head because its not in mine or maybe its coming from my subconscious or something. I was thinking back on some phallic-centric Freudian psychology today, speaking of the subconscious. This entire blog probably really has something to do with my having a penis.

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Star Child said...

That's a pretty sweet tour. Music Hall is one of the best venues. I might have to check this out, so I can see ya'll. It'll be ear-gasmic =)