Power Move, 7" splits, etc

So we have finished recording and mixing for our 3rd full length. Its going to be called 'Power Move', no matter how stupid Fish thinks the name is. Its a name that has a personal, lighthearted meaning to us but I like how it could be open for interpretation. Don Giovanni Records is going to be putting out the CD and LP. Release is going to be sometime in April 09!

Our 2 split 7 inches that came out at the beginning of our fall tour are now up for sale over that the Screaming Females Store. I'm really happy with the way that they both came out. Much love and thanks to Hunchback, Freedom School Records, Full of Fancy, and Let's Pretend Records for making those happen. One is a spilt w/ Hunchback were we both do Neil Young covers. The other is a split with Full of Fancy were we both play 2 songs. Now buy them! ~ Store!

Also right around April we are going to be releasing a split 7" with our good buddies Meemaw from Nashville, TN. Their wonderful label Infinity Cat is going to be releasing that one. And they are getting it out by April so that they can have it to tour with when they come to...

New Brunswick 3 Day Weekend 2009!!!

Being back in NJ is cool. Its been hectic. Recording and whatnot. In my free time I've been reading Henry Miller's 'Tropic of Cancer,' composing percussion/piano pieces, writing a novel, watching My So-Called Life (complete series on DVD), and washing a lot of dirty dishes at MeatTown USA.


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Henry miller rules