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New Brunswick's only hope, Screaming Females start a 45 date tour this week. When Marissa solos for a solid minute starting at 1:36, then restarts cos she can't stop from 3:50-4:23, when it dissolves into stomping and feedback? I shiver. Also, head-to-toe black out with fresh yellow keds is a look I'm going to have to steal. Who can deny her Sleater-Kinney goes "Little Wing" style? Best show I saw last summer, bar nothing. You'll be so awed by her that you'll be able to ignore that the bassist doesn't wear shoes.
- Jessica Hopper

Also; NEWSFLASH: Just in case you were wondering, Jarrett is the least queer, Mike is kind of queer, and I'm absolutely flaming.

You’d think that a band named Screaming Females would be, in fact, all female. Not the case for this punk rock trio. Marissa Paternoster, Jarrett Dougherty and King Mike hail out of New Brunswick, New Jersey, a place that you may be surprised to find out actually kicks it up a notch or two in the music department.

“[New Brunswick] is home to some of the world’s largest basement shows, way overpriced rents and a much higher percentage of good bands than should be coming out of this small city,” says Dougherty, the drummer, otherwise known as Jarrett D, who’s often referred to as “the least queer” of all his bandmates.

Backed up by bass player King Mike, who admits to getting “man crushes,” Paternoster screams at the mic and gnaws at the guitar, creating sounds that induce both body movements and sing-alongs. “Most people don’t know what I’m singing,” she says. “They make an effort to mouth the words and I really appreciate their enthusiasm.”

Once you witness them performing songs with lyrics warning, “do not trust those pretty girls, they will only break your heart,” in between some unavoidably head-bobbing guitar rifts, it’s easy to get why they have an instant following wherever they go.

Together since 2005 and formerly known as Surgery on TV, the trio recently finished a summer tour playing from their two albums Baby Teeth and What if Someone is Watching their TV? along with a self-titled 7-inch album. Fans also can look forward to a string of shows on the East Coast throughout the summer and fall.

Aside from putting on kick-ass shows, what else inspires Screaming Females? “Oh my god, the Aerosmith documentary, Pump. A masterpiece,” Paternoster quips. Check them out at myspace.com/screamingfemales.
—Liz Gold
Go! Magazine


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