Today work was not so bad. It was mainly because of a single reason. I made a thing that looked like this on top of someone's mocha.

I have been trying to do this for quite some time. I was proud.

I'm going to be starting to book a national tour for the fall. After much discussion we decided to cut a number of locations to keep the tour on the smaller side. It will still by no means be small (probably about 45 days) but it will certainly be smaller then last summer (which was 70 days). I am excited about booking it but also a bit overwhelmed. I did it once, I guess that means I can do it again!



reid said...

i just tix to your sat night show from wfmu!! they said im on tha list

Aaron Thompson said...

If Vegas is on the cliplist, I'll be sad, but not surprised. Then again, if you need help booking the Vegas, let me know.

Vegas Aaron