Silent Barn, Tompkins, Maxwells

So we are playing some pretty freaking cool shows coming up. Two NYC shows are at venues and are run by folks that only a few years ago I wondered how people played these places and got in touch with these people. We also seem to be headlining a Saturday show coming up at Maxwells in July! Crazy! Don Giovanni Records is running the show which is awesome. Last time they did a Maxwells show it sold out. A bunch of sweet bands are playing. This stuff actually blows my mind. Sometimes I feel like people are losing interest in us and then we get booked for a bunch of ridiculous shows. So I guess someone must still care.

We are releasing 2 new 7 inches at some point during the summer. The first is our Screaming Females/ Hunchback Neil Young covers split. The other is a split with Full of Fancy which will be coming out on Let's Pretend Records out of Bloomington. Let's Pretend has 3 of our current favorite bands on their roaster (Prizzy Prizzy Please, The Conniption Fitts, and The Sass Dragons).

Speaking of Prizzy, we are playing shows with them in Brooklyn and New Brunswick this week. I really hope people come to these shows. I always get nervous that people aren't going to show up to our shows. So prove me wrong and come out. It would be cool to see some of those faces we haven't seen in a minute.

I've been reading Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. It is amazing. First edition was totally DIY, self-released! Its poetry that I can understand, sometimes. Thats amazing. Usually poetry goes way over my head. Thats okay though. Kristina says poetry doesn't have to make sense to you/me. I trust her.

I was going to take the van to get some stuff fixed today. Instead I jumped into the thing and it wouldn't start. So I spent most of my day off getting the van fixed but not at all the things I was supposed to be getting fixed. Shit. $260 just to get the damn thing to turn over. And we just got the big dent in the side fixed less then a month ago. New tires, shocks, and struts are next. The Big Red Pig is going to be in tip top shape by the time we hit the road for June tour.

Which brings me to June tour. I can't wait! And thats all I have to say about that!


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Star Child said...

I should be going to your Maxwell's show. I hear you're going on at midnight, so that might be tough, but I'll make it work. I recently got into the band and have heard amazing things about you.