Wow. Been a while! So the New Brunswick 3 Day Weekend went off pretty much without a hitch. It was such a fun time. I thought I would be stressed out the whole time but it was really just more relaxing than anything else.

Screaming Females now has national distribution! Holy crap. Now (practically) every record store in the country can order our record. We are being distributed by Matador Direct which is the distribution end of Matador Records. They distribute a very select catalog which includes Pavement, The Pixies, Mission of Burma, Cat Power, and a dozen other bands that have changed the face of music over the last 20 years. Awesome. Thank you Mike Hunchback.

We leave for tour in a few weeks. Thank god! 35 hours of latte making a week is enough to drive anyone mad. I'm moving into a house called MeatTown USA in 2 weeks. We are going to have shows in the basement. It will be fun! Its on Hamilton St in New Brunswick, NJ. Mike is still going to live at The Parlor, also on Hamilton St in New Brunswick, NJ. Marissa is going to live at grandma's house in Union, NJ.



Jersey Beat said...

hey guys
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El Colin said...

that is awesome news!