New Brunswick 3 Day Weekend

APRIL 25, 26, and 27

So Far:

Friday April 25 @ Yoga Vayu
8:00 pm all ages NO BOOZE!
Double Dagger (Baltimore)
For Science

Saturday April 26 @ Yoga Vayu
6:00 pm all ages NO BOOZE!!
Screaming Females
Shellshag (NYC)
Prizzy Prizzy Please (Bloomington, IN)
Full of Fancy

Sunday April 27 @ The Loft
6:00ish all ages
The Ergs!
The Measure [SA]

more to come. house shows all day long. fun times. cheap.


1 comment:

The Music Zombie said...

Oh man! Double Dagger!

They're doing a show w/ me on March 1st, but now I can come see them early!