theme song

you are always talking and you never stop
the faceless foreign few
and all the girl's guts in between your teeth
grow roots into you

i am a victim of the general public
those sirens scream my name
i am the man in the general public
but my voice remains the same

this a nice place that you've been living in
all processed in cans
tricking black ponies into a crippled dance
buried in the sand

you are always talking and you never stop

the real mothers

sick and tired of the major leagues
you'd better watch your mouth
i'll do what i please
with them sordid eyes
the mystery lies in me

the real mothers
in the meat locker
the damn youth

eye for eye and your lazy speech
with your naked lunch
while the preachers preach
scum for dinner
the cost of killing is free

spent four long years
my heart displaced
fish nets & recess
a foreign face
your wreck and reign
will dig my grave
your pretty face
will dig my

humanity arranged

i was walking in the sand
making war in my hands
i'm sorry that you are weak
swing in so slow
my clean sheets

i was blinded in the park
caught in steep, infinite dark
i'm sorry that you aren't quick
your blank friendly associates

humanity arranged
i've been lying to you all along

i was walking in the sand
making war in my hands
this is glorious love
this was sent from above

starve the beat

everyone has the music they love
like a showgirl in a fugue of childbirth
the matron's orders to the back of the room
i've seen him all sewn to the floor
a christian demon and family boy
brought up by the school bus route

samantha starves the beat
she starves
and drives a man insane

i went on into this little girl's room
all those monsters and their x-ray cartoons
project lines to the back of your mind
pulling you out of the second floor door
out of sorts into a collapsing hall
and into the white light

when you wake up you'll be awake forever
parents coming through the windows tell her
this might force them to remember

everyone has the music they love
forwarding into an age of nervous
boys and girls locked up in their rooms
when you grow old you will reflect fondly
upon the unions and the memories of me
and we will never age at all

little anne

i sense your friends across the room
leaning, tall, and deathly ill
an animal inside the walls
born in the bathroom stalls

it's little anne

when you were young you dare not speak
and leisure moved from week to week
you'd want me to

i feel and stop and folding now
it will be over
and with eight snakes the earth will drown
it will be over
with little anne


they lived to build a bridge
between heaven and the sea
till lady madonna drowned me
peter tom and will
do not trust those pretty girls
they will only break your heart

this is how i link the needle and the kids
i will not see
i will not feel
the senses mute
this is how i tuck the children in their beds
their time will come soon

i'll make a safe distance
and free my life of consequence
and lay my brother in his grave


sunk into the film
keep the offer stale
mind the platform
stay in good form
sink into the drill

i stole them while dying
my return to heaven

when you keep a fight
i pass your room at night
pinned to the brain
birthed the insane
set your TV live

i know the best girls sleep
in store bought beds as teams
i hope your skull bursts
banned and spilled guts
slithered into bed

back to where i stand
my life in quartered plans
i sleep with monsters
bit and tortured
grasping for the strands


i was on the road to heaven
when he found me
i was cheering on the tracks
and he found me dead
water boarding

i was a real shot gun
when he found me
taking over the world
and he found me dead

i will tear the heads off this culture
make my presence known
i will shut your mouth
i will nail the heads on this culture
make my presence known
i will shut your mouth


you have found the monsters that make us wonder
who has human skin?
the mistakes born
make you so very happy
in a dog pile of great men

i tried my best
to make it home
and your services
i'll cut them off

pull me out of the stairs
oh, the truth

you have found the monsters that live inside
those dust balloons on mars
never mind the boring fortunate fathers
processed in the morgues

based in different houses that a ran a road
between yours and mind
feigning smiles in the vast echo of space
and biding all our time


when she was 19
she had a fever
but the office was now closed
when she was 19
pushing the window
into her parent's home

is that your boyfriend
is that your girlfriend
with all this nonsense
prevent confusion

she is our miscreant
she is our detox
she is our dagger in the dark
she is the knot mess
she is the undressed
she is the boy borne in my heart

while you sit on the fence i will burn in hell


theneedledrop said...

"Boyfriend": Such a good song.

Hypermusic44 said...

Mothership is so cool (and so is the rest of the album of course) how do you guys make such awesome music :)

Lyrics are missing but I'm sure you know this I thinks I have them:

The blood of family doesn't help,
I put myself back on the shelf,
If mother knows best then mother knows why
My earths gone flat and the sun burns sour,
If mother knows best then mother knows why...

I so wish I could write lyrics like that mine just sound corny and shit any tips??