Who would have guessed there would come a day when Marissa P was making the majority of the posts on this blog? Weird. I've always tried to not be bothered by the passing of time. It really freaks a lot of people out. I guess I understand why but there is nothing you can really do about it. So we might as well float along instead of fighting. I'm going to be 24 in a few weeks which is an age I never really imagined. That could make me freak out. Another year older! But not really, I'm just going to be a day older. Same me as yesterday. On the other hand, getting back from tour was a drastic display of the passing of time. Moved into a new apartment. Some of my best friends were gone. I had to find a job. I was a graduate. It dumped a lot of shit at once. For a minute I didn't think i was ever going to feel like I had my shit together again.

But then blam blam blam. Stuff starts to come together. We have once again been playing amazing shows. And now we are playing amazing New York shows too! Just the other night we played in an art gallery in the no-mans-land of north Brooklyn on a Friday night with a bunch of amazing, amazing bands. The room was full of people right from the start. A crowd at 7:30 in NYC? I didn't think it could happen either. A bunch of people told me that they had been rocking our record since we played Bent House in the summer and that we are everyones favorite band and shit. Crazy. I get so wrapped up inside my own head sometimes that I lose perspective. This is the type of show I would have killed someone to play 2 years ago. I have to remember that as time passes I'm not just adding ticks to the clock we are adding friends to the room. More people and better bands. It feels good.

We are playing tonight with the mighty Hunchback on a Monday in New Brunswick. Should be sweet. Its totally grey outside, lightly raining, and cold. Perfect New Brunswick weather!

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