Some pictures from tour.

I don't own a digital camera, I have a Canon SLR, so I will be posting pictures as often as I can afford to develop all the film I shot...

One of our first solid dudes, Ryan!

Mikey cruisin'

Making that poop-sniffin' face he tends to make when the sun hits his glasssses.

The infamous Alex R. Delp! Solid dude!

Home run derby in Mass.

He's jumping rope. In Vermont. That building in the back is pretty neat -

Outside of Avalon's apartment in Seattle.

Ian + I would freak out whenever we saw a dog. Srsly. This is in Olympia.

Cheez Sandwiches @ SHEETZ and just KICKIN' it w/ Double Dagger till 4:00 am.

Chico dude!


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