We were in Las Vegas a few days ago. Our dear friend Colin gave us $5 at the start of this trip and titled it the "Fun Fund." We were not allowed to spend this on food or gas or any other of those normal things. We held onto this $5 for 7 weeks. On the way into Vegas we decided that the perfect use of the $5 would be to gamble it in Vegas. Well it took us a while to find the show and then we played and it went really late. We had to get up super early so we didn't get a chance to hit the casinos. We stopped at a gas station on our way out in the morning. As I was paying for the gas I saw some video poker machines (they are absolutely EVERYWHERE in Vegas). Put in that $5 and won $85 in about 2 minutes. It was awesome! $85 at 8:30 in the morning! Also we got a write up in a Vegas paper. I guess we out played the band that moved to Portland from Vegas. It was their homecoming show. Oops!

"Though sentimentalists might have been tempted to crown the homecomers kings of the Bunkhouse castle, in truth that headdress ought be awarded to the Screaming Females, a scorching trio from New Jersey whose bluesy brand of punk—specifically diminutive leader Marissa Paternoster’s see-it-to-believe-it guitar mastery and deliciously abrasive oral assault—blew out more than a few unsuspecting eardrums."



psy said...

you people got me hooked on boyfriend . awesome one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not writing 'Vegas Baby!'