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Hello peoples,
I'm in Ogden, UT and its late. It was a big holiday in UT today. Its the day the Mormons established themselves here. Given that most of the population is Mormon we were REAL lucking to find a show today. After hours of searching I found Mojo's cafe which has ended up being a very cool all ages place. The owner is really into the bands and the venue and he is letting us crash here. We knew all the kids were going to look super punk because the band I got in touch with about the show is a Street Punk band. When I found Mojo's I noticed that they had a show booked the day we needed to play UT so I asked the band playing if we could jump on. Despite the fact that we don't sound like a Street Punk band and that there were already the normal 4 bands on the bill, Deviancy managed to get us on the show. That was really rad of them! Marissa did back the van into a truck but the damage on the truck doesn't seem too bad and it seems like it is going to be a whole lot easier dealing with this situation as opposed to the last one. We will have to see how much it is going to cost tomorrow before we knew how much is going to need to come from Marissa's bank account. We drove I-70 through CO and UT today which is a long but beautiful drive. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I did it for the first time when I was 18 (5 years ago). I never thought that I would have a reason or the time to do it again. I'm glad this band gave me that chance. One more show for the northern mid west leg of the tour and then we hit the mythical west coast. We will have to see what happens!

-jarrett D

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