These are my accident shoes

Today whilst cleaning my room at home I found a very, very long list of potential band names that my friend Allyson and I created at work one day. Here are a few highlights:

1. Fudgie the Whale (Carvel homage)
2. Descending Placentas
3. The Sinusoids
4. Street Sharks (I think this band exists, from NC?)
5. The Naked Horses
6. Wild Stallions
7. Z-bop & the Comets
8. Pope on a Candle
9. Arts & Crafts
10. Comfortable Squigglies (?!)
11. Hobocap (Strangers with Candy homage)
12. The Electoral College
13. Electric Rhinocerous
14. Waffles for Dinner
15. You'll Have to Replace the Entire Motherboard
16. The Dirty Butts
17. Stegasaurus Acne
18. No Eyebrows
19. Hot Uterus
20. Booty Shorts
21. Diners Suck in Iceland
22. Pizza Slut
23. Stab Me in the Face
24. Nipple Man
25. Aw Hell No
26. Sexy Milk Bottles
27. Hey Now!
28. Omg! Bears!
29. Hairy Back Contest
30. The Black Chuckle
31. I am Beautiful because I am so in Love with You
32. Television for Women
33. When He's not a Stranger (more Lifetime network homage)
34. Jesus was More then just a Cool Guy

I think we started to lose it towards the end. There are way more then 34, but I'll spare you. Feel free to use any of these gems for all your future musical endevors. I expect credit, however.

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cathy o said...

wow, this entry made me laugh really god damn loud infront of a lot of people who don't speak english...

i'm all for the booty shorts and pizza sluts!