New Album, Old Haunts, and such

So the new albums came in yesterday. They looks pretty much perfect. I just sat and stared at them for a long time. Its a weird feeling. We've put so much time and work and money into this album and then there it is. Getting to hold it... it still doesn't seem real. I'm really excited about this album and our tour. At this point I've invested basically everything I've got. I'm really happy right now. I feel totally alive.

The Old Haunts and Love or Perish! were awesome. It was so much fun to have them come play. What was most exciting about the show was not the fact that Tobi Vail and Molly Neuman, although you have to admit that was pretty cool. There was something more important to me. We threw a huge show for these bands on a Monday night after school was out. This show was totally proof that New Brunswick has a vibrant scene outside of the university. People are feeling it and I've heard so many people talking about it. New Brunswick, NJ is an incredibly exciting place to be right now. I've been to a lot of cities and New Brunswick is something special. People know it. An amazing group of artists and musicians are sticking around next year. There is going to be a large population of people who want to actively make New Brunswick a fun place to live. Most of these people are not going to be in school which is great. The turnover problem that has plagued New Brunswick for years seems to be coming to an end. People around need to start opening their eyes. Expect super exciting things coming out of this city in the next year.

-Jarrett D

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