The show last night was awesome in so many ways! All the bands were great. New Bloods just made me want to jump out of my skin. They were playing music that just jammed with my soul. Also, I have to give everybody a super huge thanks for paying at the door. This was a Monday night show with 3 out of town bands. I was a little worried we were going to send everybody packing with very little cash. We managed to get together almost $200!! I think that is pretty amazing and I am so happy that we are able to do that. We keep that kind of cash flow happening and we will be having some killer music coming through New Brunswick.

A few sucky things happened last night too. 1) My New Bloods 7 inch disappeared. I hope its not true but it appears as though someone robbed it. I will kill you if I find out who it was! I am broke as shit. I only allow myself to spend money on food, records from touring bands, and maybe a little beer. Listening to records is my favorite thing to do. You stole my money and my peace. 2) We were only able to play about 2 full songs. First the PA crapped out during our 3rd song. Totally broke the flow. We had to sit around until Craig Hunchback magically got the thing working again. Then we got about 30 seconds into Dinosaurs and someone fell into Marissa's pedals. They went flying everywhere! Totally disconnected. We had to stop again and get them plugged back in and the settings reset. By this point we had done more waiting than playing and it was getting late. We went into Boyfriend which was supposed to be our last song. Someone fell back into the pedals and again they went flying everywhere. I threw a hissy fit! We got the shit back together and played the 2nd half of Boyfriend and called it quits. What a shitty set! I wasn't mad at people for falling on us. It happens. I was just pissed because we totally lost the flow. Its as if you were doing that thing that two-people-do-when-they-really-love-each-other and your best friend comes in the room and jumps on the bed. Okay, the first time its funny and you laugh and get back to business. But then it happens again. And again! At this point there is no way to continue. The mood has been totally killed. Might as well bag the whole thing at that point. And thats what we did! Sorry to everyone that came out to see us. I felt really bad that we didn't get to actually play after people were so nice to give money to the touring bands and everything. We love everybody freaking out when we play. We wouldn't want it any other way. We just have to figure out a way to keep it so that we can get through songs!

later gator
-Jarrett D


Billy Gray said...

I remember at the last show trying my damnedest to keep people from falling into Marissa's setup and nearly got tossed myself a few times.

You know what goes a long way? a riser. doesn't have to be very serious, or expensive. some two by fours and some shitty ply wood from home depot - gets everything about three inches off the floor, improves sound in a small space dramatically, and the cost is damn cheap (although that's not considering being broke).

you lay the two by fours down (have 'em cut for you at home depot), drop the plywood on top (again, if you need 'em cut, home depot will do it dirt cheap), and get serious with some hammers and nails. worked out great for our last rehearsal space. I think it cost us maybe 30 or 40 $$ to do?

Mike Hunchback said...


Screaming Females said...

Billy! Hows it going dude? Haven't seen you around in a while. Hope everything is excellent.
The stage idea has been tossed around before but I think there might be some serious head room issues if we raised the floor even three inches. When The Trashies (Seattle) came through their bass player barely fit in the basement as it is! Also it might cause some issues with the landlord and police. "Officer, I don't know what you are talking about? We don't run punk shows in this basement. Stage? Thats for our puppet troupe!"

Anonymous said...

correction: perry suggested to check the speaker cables & that solved the P.A. problem.

you break it, you buy it.


Anonymous said...

it was McDeath's fault