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So the show last Saturday went remarkably well. I brought over a HUGE pot of chili for everybody. Seemed as though it was a hit. The pot was literally licked clean. Something's Wrong, the NC band, were really fun. Exactly the fun, upbeat, tight pop punk I was hoping for. We got the band a good amount of gas money. We also raised around $70 for The World Trade Slayer (42 Comstock St) toward their noise violation. It always amazes me how generous everybody is. You're all a bunch of Communists or Anarchists or whatever they call those people these days.

Button opened up the show. They were great! I was diggin the addition of the new bass player to the group. We made them play an encore. Our Philly friends Gary Coleman Death Squad were up next. It was their first show in almost two years! Didn't sound the least bit rusty to me. They totally rocked the house. Can't wait to get out on tour with them. It will be a blast.

So Screamales have got a bunch of "stuff" in the works. Opportunities for expanding what we are currently capable of keep presenting themselves. It is exciting and stressful. I know the ambiguity of this is probably annoying but I don't want to say exactly what the stuff is because absolutely nothing is definite yet. It certainly is strange trying to decide the proper course of action when none of us and no one I know has been in this position before. We know were we want to go. Now we have to start making the choices that will take us there. And what those should be is really freakin hard to figure out.

This Saturday Dec 9th is not only an amazing, crazy, huge show, it is also a birthday party for myself and King Mike. We will be giving away the 2nd of the three vinyl test pressings of Baby Teeth with super duper custom artwork my Marissa Pee (of course). It is going to be a dance competition. So bring those dancing shoes. I am positive that the show will spill over into an after-party birthday party somewhere but that has yet to be finalized.

Love you guys!!!

If you are bored go watch this killer Big Black live performance from the mid 80s. That is one angry nerd! Jordan, MN

-Jatterr D

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